Saturday, 23 April 2011

Week-long shenanigans (BSDA #15) - first version

Are you getting withdrawal symptoms? Have you missed me? Have you fallen down wells and drowned? (Cos that's what you want me to do, according to the poll. And with groovy visuals, apparently.) Anyway, fear not - I have returned. And this is what I've been doing.

So there's this thing called the Duke of Edinburgh's Award which is something many people my age do, because of its legendary capacity to instantly make university applications sparkle with desirability. Basically, it's divided into three levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold (original), and in each, you have to provide a period of community service, do a sport, learn a skill and go on an expedition into the wild. I already had the Bronze and Silver awards, and had finished those four parts of the Gold. There is also an additional requirement to finish the Gold award, namely to go on a five-day residential. So I did just that.

Green Action, as it was named, was a mix of adventure activities such as abseiling and caving, and conservation, like chopping down trees and doing awesome things with willow. It was really rather good. I mean that. Great people, great activities, a damn good experience all round.

Nine cool people. Or something. And a bridge. You can't beat a bridge. Except with a river.

A rebuilt wall. Drystone, held together by genius and gravity. 

I make dragonflies too.

How to build a wall. Lean on it and look at the gap bit until it disappears.

I am the mad axe murderer. Of trees. Not of people. Though I'd be lying if I said I didn't have targets. Like people who keep repacking bags until tired o'clock in the morning. Not mentioning any names.

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