Monday, 4 April 2011

On Animal Noises and Eighties Divas. (BSDA #4)

I discovered two awesome things today; both are characterised by their lunacy, which is at the same time brilliance, as the two concepts are extremely close together. As Oscar Levant famously said: "There's a fine line between genius and madness."

So, to Awesome Thing #1. Beatles songs done with animal noises.

Animals sing the Beatles. (There's a pun there too.)
Youtube channel of the BeatlesBarkers.

I love this album for its utter absurdity, and the way that, while most of the lyrics are delivered by dogs, timely-placed sounds from different animals can bring the house down. Also it's ironic that the Beatles themselves used animal noises in Good Morning Good Morning on Sgt Peppers, so I like to think that John is looking down on the Barkers with approval.

Awesome Thing #2.

This has been on the internet for two years, or in online time about four and a half millennia. Nonetheless it's worth sharing. Bonnie Tyler's surreal video for Total Eclipse of the Heart is given the literal treatment. And given it well.

Aside from a noticeable drop in quality in the middle third, this video does what most literals fail to: satirise the content while retaining the spirit of the original. As a result it is really terribly funny.

That is all for today. Join me again tomorrow for another episode of Animals Do The Funniest Things. Or something.

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