Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I like funnies, me. (BSDA #11)

Hey, you! Yes, you! Wanna hear a fairly good joke? No? Oh well...

A cow and a chicken break out of jail and a road is the only thing between them and freedom. The chicken then tells the cow to cross it, but says that he will turn back. When questioned why, he answers that if he crosses the road, it will raise many questions.

Not bad, I hope. Anyway so today I was thinking about the kind of humour I like and if there's any meaningful way to differentiate it from what I don't. Let's break it down via genre. (All UK, sorry. Foreigners, go down there for some video links....)

I'm a massive fan of Monty Python (I ordered a T-shirt of the Black Knight from Holy Grail off TeeFury!), the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the Goon Show, the Mighty Boosh and similar comedy in the absurdist vein. I also like wordplay-based comedy such as the legendary Two Ronnies, Fry and Laurie (yes, the guy off QI and the guy off House used to be a double act) and lots of literary comedy. Thirdly, I like what used to be called alternative comedy such as the Young Ones or, say, Stewart Lee (whose show returns to the BBC in May!) and I like well-written sitcoms such as Blackadder, Red Dwarf and Coupling (the last of which is basically a better version of Friends, written by current Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat). Finally, I like real political/social satire - Charlie Brooker, Chris Morris, Rory Bremner et al. (No, not him.) Oh, and the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre? Heard of them? Thought not. They're brilliant. I need to see them live as a matter of urgency.

That seemed messy and kind of hard to follow, but we shall press on nonetheless. That which I do not like can be summarised as follows: - comedy which tries to be foul-mouthed without any reason other than to shock (Frankie Boyle), conventional sitcoms, anything that plays on stereotypes unintelligently (Al Murray) and anything that uses stupid gimmicks (95% of BBC comedies of the last few years...).

It's about quality, people! Here is some quality for your delectation.

This is so violating copyright laws.

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